Progress report on CopperExport 0.3

I’ve been working on some updates for the next version of CopperExport. Here’s my current list of possible improvements:

– (partially done) Populate thumbnail list “live”, after displaying the export dialog.
– Offer some preset options for resizing (640×480, 800×600, 1024×768) (suggested by Peter Polz)
– (done) In the description of a new album, be able to enter newlines without it starting the upload process.
– Check if the name of the selected album in iPhoto can be obtained from CopperExport
– Option for setting the title to the date of the picture (suggestion from NullMind)

If you have any other ideas, drop me a note, or write a comment in the CopperExport page.

The first one is my big one. Currently, the thumbnails are generated before displaying the dialog, which can cause some delay if many pictures are selected. By spawning the thumbnail generation to separate thread, the dialog can be displayed immediately, and the thumbnails appear as they are produced. So far, so good, the problem is when the user cancels the dialog before the thumbnail generation is complete. Nothing bad seems to happen, but the thread continues running in the background. There is a “viewWillBeDeactivated” method in the ExportPluginProtocol, but it only seems to be called when you switch to a different tab in the Export dialog, and not when you press Cancel. So, I’m still investigating how to solve this problem.


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