Rain, rain, rain

It hasn’t stopped raining since yesterday, and now it’s going stronger than ever. And just a few days ago the heat was almost unbearable!

On the baby front, congratulations, mostly from family and friends, continue to arrive. Last Saturday we spent the whole afternoon calling the family to tell them the news. It was very satisfying 🙂 In my wife’s family, this will be the 10th grandkid, but in my family he/she will be the first, so the emotion was even greater, but the reaction from both sides has been incredible.

And in other news, I found my little blog has at least one reader, a friend of mine from work. That really gives me motivation to write more often!


3 responses to “Rain, rain, rain

  1. Muchas felicidades Diego y Susana!!!

    Estaba descansando un poco de escribir, hechando un vistazo por Internet, y sorpresa!
    Si no me confundo, el bebĂ© tambiĂ©n viene viajero, ya que ha “visitado” Irlanda con tan solo 2 meses…

    Un abrazo,

  2. Hola Urko, gracias por las felicitaciones! Efectivamente, el bebé anda de viajero (como supiste?).

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