Back from the dead

You may have noticed that the site was offline for three days. This was “upgrade weekend”, and it was a major change – I reinstalled my server from MacOS X Server to Gentoo Linux PPC. After a bumpy start, things are starting to get back into shape. There are still some things that may not work properly – if you see something, please let me know. Overall, I am very happy – Gentoo is a very nice system for managing a server, and the Mac on which this site is hosted was too old already to run MacOS X properly (it’s a first-generation G4, back from ~1999). Gentoo makes it much easier to keep things up to date and easily configured.

Whew – it’s been a long weekend.

One of the weird things is the blank space below this article – it seems that the first column is being flushed until after the sidebar ends. But I am using the same theme as before! Anyway, will look at it after having some more sleep.


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