Vienna RSS reader

Since Tiger came out, I’ve been using Safari’s RSS reader, which I really like. Today I learned about Vienna, an open-source RSS reader. You can define folders and smart folders of feeds, and in general looks very nice. I’m giving it a try, maybe it’ll stick, and maybe I can then go back to Firefox or Camino as my main browser…


2 responses to “Vienna RSS reader

  1. good to hear another fellow experimenting with Vienna! I’ve been using it for about a week now and really like it. mind you, I’m intentionally on Panther so I haven’t checked out Safari RSS yet. happy to see Vienna and Camino co-mingle though.

    Just figured out you can have Google Mail fed into Vienna – not too useful but does inspire new ideas – I am now dreaming about being able to search in the lower-righthand corner and having it search all my email 🙂

  2. Well, two weeks later, and I’m still using Vienna, it’s actually quite nice. I’m also still on Safari 🙂 One nice thing is that if you set Vienna as the default RSS reader, you can still press the blue “RSS” button on Safari, and it will open the feed on Vienna – very convenient.

    About Google Mail – I read it through POP using Mail, and then it’s fully searchable as well.

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