PowerPoint slides as documents – not!

One of the things that drive me mad lately is the generalized misuse of powerpoint slides that double as documents. It works like this: someone puts together a set of slides presenting a topic, but because the slides will often be forwarded around far beyond the first time they are presented, they have to be self-contained. This results in overloaded monstrosities full of 10-point text bullets, gigantic tables and charts, and ugly clip art (animated, in the really bad cases). These definitely don’t work a a presentation, and often they don’t even work as a standalone document, because the information is hard to follow, not being as structured as it would be on a written report.

If you want to present something, do a presentation. If you want to convey detailed information and facts, write a document. It never works to try to do both at the same time.

Some links to good presentation-related resources: Particletree · PowerPoint and Presentation Tips, through which found a presentation-related blog with some very interesting articles: Presentation Zen.

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