Akismet works

After a few days using Akismet, it seems to work quite well. My blog doesn’t receive so much spam so far, but since I installed it 9 days ago, it has caught 11 spam messages, all correctly, and I haven’t had to moderate any more spam. Woohoo!

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2 responses to “Akismet works

  1. Interesting… I have been using Spam Karma as my comment spam filter. SK uses a variety of classifiers and works very well for me, catching about 10 spam comments every two or three days with zero false positives and zero false negatives (well… I don’t receive so many comments, so you can achieve similar figures with a very simple rule).

    As far as I know Aksimet sends all the comments to the central server. I see an advantage in it, but if one is a privacy freak… 😉

    BTW: it seems that thare is a spam karma plugin for akismet. Wonder if it makes sense…

  2. So far, it’s zero false positives and negatives (though I also don’t receive so many comments…). About the privacy issue – all the comments in your blog are available on the Internet anyway, so what’s the problem? 🙂

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