CopperExport 0.4.0 released

CopperExport 0.4.0 is out! Default size saving, remove photos from the export dialog, a universal binary, and a nice installer, among other goodness. Get it while it’s fresh!

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13 responses to “CopperExport 0.4.0 released

  1. Works great! Great to find this available for Coppermine.

  2. I’m happy you like it! 🙂

  3. Works great (and with iPhoto 6.0 too!). Just what I’ve been looking for, it makes uploading from iPhoto completely painless.

    Only suggestion for change would be to sort the albums by Category when selecting where to upload the pictures. The upload web form in Coppermine does this now. It’s not a big concern and it might not be simple to do.

  4. hi mate

    when it does a resize of a file to upload, it is still renaming the file, wich is a problem if you using EXIF renamed files for date

    anything that can be done ?

  5. NullMind – are you sure? This is exactly one of the things I changed back in 0.4.0, because many people complained about it. It now leaves the filename unchanged. Are you sure you are using the new version?

  6. my pologies 🙂

    it was my error, it does work properly on 0.4.0

  7. Phew 🙂 Great to hear that!

  8. Hey, Thanks for making this plugin. I had some installation problems, but figured out the error. I had a previous plugin for iPhoto2Gallery, which seemed incompatible to CopperExport. Once I removed iPhoto2Gallery from the plugin folder, CopperExport came up in the Export dialog (previously it crashed iPhoto).

    My problem that I am having now is not be able to connect to database. CopperExport says I have no permission and cannot create an Album.

    I am using Coppermine 1.4.4 and have downloaded your latest CopperExport. Loaded the 1.4.3 php (as there isn’t a 1.4.4).

    Any ideals of what maybe going on?

    Yes, I have admin prevliages and also made the Album folder 775 for permissions.

    Stumped, Kenny Lim

  9. Kenny – I think iPhoto2Gallery is based on CopperExport, which could be the cause for the crashes – please let the iPhoto2Gallery author know about that.

    About your problem – can you upload photos and create albums from CopperExport’s web interface?

  10. I have coppermine 1.4.10 and iphoto 6.05 installed. will this plugin work, especially the comments, keyword, captions? Will a new version be out soon?

  11. Nathaniel: the plugin should work. You can try applying the latest patch included with CopperExport to your Coppermine installation, and see if it works. I will produce a new release of the patch as soon as I come back from vacation.

  12. Beware: The CopperExport plugin does not work with the new iPhoto 7.

  13. Jaap: thanks for letting me know. I will fix it as soon as I can get my hands on iLife’08 (unfortunately I have no definite plans of buying it at the moment…)

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