YouTube – Jon Stewart on Net Neutrality

YouTube – Jon Stewart on Net Neutrality: I hadn’t laughed so hard for a while… particularly the explanation at the end.


3 responses to “YouTube – Jon Stewart on Net Neutrality

  1. While you’re on the topic of net neutrality, I’d urge you to take a look at my coalition’s website. Hands Off The Internet feels that the current push to turn control of the internet over to the federal government is not the best situation for the consumers, who currently have control over the web via supply and demand.

    It’s a common misconception that “net neutrality” exists currently–it does not. There is currently no legal enforcement of neutrality online, and yet it exists because the ISPs realize that this is what their consumers want.

    Adding a law to enforce something already in practice is just asking for problems. Anytime you allow Washington to stick their fingers into complex issues, things get mucked up, and the internet will be no different if we allow Washington to meddle with it.

  2. Hey Diego, the video on youtube has been removed due to copyright. Interestingly enough, the copy on google video is still around, though shorter:

  3. Annie – thanks – that is not the same video, though. I cannot find any instances of the original one online, not even in… 😦 Too bad, it was really funny.

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