How to fix Skype crash on Mac OSX

I had been unsuccessful in running the latest version of Skype on my Mac – it would crash on startup. I finally found the solution in one of the comments on Skype’s entry: add to Application Enhancer’s “Master exclude” list. I did this, and now Skype works fine!


7 responses to “How to fix Skype crash on Mac OSX

  1. Thank you.

    Thank you.

  2. Lionel Parker

    They can hear me I cant hear them my site appears to indicate that I have mute on have checked does’nt appear any thing is muted

  3. Hello!
    They say soomething about .ape files and extra extensions and so on, but I can’t find out the way how to do this all. I would be very grateful if you could post a slightly more detailed tutorial on how to check for running extensions and on how to add skype to an exclude list.

    best, gaggo

  4. gaggo: if you open the Application Enhancer preferences pane (inside the System Preferences application), there is a tab that says “Master Exclude List”. Switch to it and add the Skype application there.

  5. Hey, thanks for your reply! It seems that I don’t have an application enhancer installed on my system, so should I download it and install and than add skype to it’s exclusion list? Or is this not the cause for the crashes than?

    Man I’m really upset here :/

  6. gaggo: indeed, if you don’t have APE installed, the crash must be caused by something else…

  7. Most people have that APE crap installed. Yet Skype crashes. Such a long thread here and nothing yet from Skype —

    — appalling@

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