I’m not commonly one to participate in chain-letter-like things, but I find this one cute: I have been blog-tagged by Raffy Marty. So I have to tell you five little-known things about myself. Without further ado, here they are:

  1. I have an IMDB entry. Yup, that’s actually me. If you are curious enough to follow the links, I was the “little brother, who always wear a mask to play,” so my face never appeared onscreen. There went my ticket to fame…
  2. I have a brown belt in Shotokan Karate (I was the first webmaster of the Challenge Karate Club); I also practiced fencing for a while.
  3. I was born in Argentina, but I have moved a lot in my life. In total, I have lived in 10 cities and 18 houses or apartments during my life! That makes for an average of a move every 2 years since I was born.
  4. It seems the urge to move around comes in my genes. Around 1900, my great-grandfather, after having traveled around Italy for a few years, emigrated from Italy to Argentina, where he settled in Santa Ana and became a precursor in the production of Yerba Mate. He wrote periodically a column for an Italian newspaper in Argentina, where he narrated episodes of his life (as Tadek put it, “just like blogging”). Years later, the newspaper edited all his columns into a book written in Italian, which was finally translated into spanish.
  5. My first technical “publication” was in the venerable COMPUTE!’s Gazette magazine, which published a program I wrote for the Commodore 128 for cataloguing floppy disks. It never appeared in print because the program was quite big (a whooping 282 lines of BASIC code! Amounting to 13KB, plus 1KB of code written directly in assembly for time-critical routines like sorting), but it was included in the September ’91 issue of the companion disk (look for “Supercataloger”, to run it, you need a Commodore 128 emulator, such as Vice).

So there, you know a bit of my secret history now. And to pass the tag, I would like to invoke Susana, Tadek, James, Marcel and Fraser.


One response to “Blog-tagged!

  1. No se como llegué a esta pagina en un castellano mal traducido…. Diego, sos mucho más que lo que decís….y la familia lejana te exraña siempre!!!!Seguramente el espíritu, el genio y el intelecto del Nonni, está en tus genes!!! TQM y a Susi y Kari

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