Following the No-S diet

Leo of Zen Habits has written a very interesting post about diet hacks. Most of these are very good, but my problem with many of the tips is that I really, really enjoy eating, and I really enjoy good food, much of which is not really the best for a diet. I like the No-S diet in its simplicityI have been following the No-S diet fairly consistently for the last two years or so, and I’m very happy with it. I have not become super-slim (that was never my goal), but I’ve lost some weight, and more importantly (and this agrees with Leo’s first point, which I think is the most important) it has helped me slowly change some bad habits into good ones. I like the No-S diet in its simplicity, and in that you really can keep eating (almost) whatever you want, and in that it rewards you for being good during the week.

In terms of specific foods, my biggest success has been to pretty much eliminate Coke and other sodas from my diet, and to avoid chocolate during the week. Those alone have helped me feel lighter and less bloated.


4 responses to “Following the No-S diet

  1. Diego:
    I remember you were not fat. By the way, I like the Zone Diet from Dr. Sears. Although I dont follow it strictly I do not drink sodas, and other junk food. The main problem is that I have to eat outside home, and the restorants´s food here lacks of vegetables and fruit, and is plenty of trans fat and carbohydrates.
    So, I usually prepare my own food to go.
    I also go to the gym four times a week.

  2. Hi ZZamboni,
    Question for you – how do you get that cool “quote like” thing to appear on your site. You’re using wordpress for the blog. Is that large-quote a plugin? I’m thinking of using something like that for a news site that I edit ( Found you from your comment on ZenHabits. Thank you so much,

  3. Senia: it is the “Fancy Pull Quotes” plugin. I wrote about it here

    Joaquin: good to hear from you! I have also started going to the gym several times per week. I’ve never been really fat, but I did get “chubby” 🙂 while I was living in the U.S., and it has really taken me a while to lose some of that weight.

  4. Thank you – this fancy quotes pluging looks great!

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