Logitech Control Center disables Growl notifications

Small annoyance: if you are using the 2.4 version of the Logitech Control Center , Growl notifications no longer appear. The solution is to remove /Library/InputManagers/LCC Scroll Enhancer Loader, log out and back in.

[From cocoaforge – A Festivus for the Rest of Us » View topic – Notification doesn’t appear]

Update: this also has the effect of disabling custom button mappings set in the LCC: for example, I had mapped the thumb button to produce “Apple-[” to go back in most applications, and this no longer works. I still prefer to have my Growl notifications.


7 responses to “Logitech Control Center disables Growl notifications

  1. Thank you so much. That just saved me!

    BTW, all my custom mouse buttons for my MX Revolution are working fine. Looks like the best of both worlds.

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  3. cheers mate, i’d been wondering why the hell growl stopped working for a week now. couldn’t figure out what or when i did what to screw it up. thanks for the post.

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  5. Thank you Diego for sharing something so useful! Just to make the solution a bit more elegant:
    There’s no need to remove the folder, just open the file /Library/InputManagers/LCC Scroll Enhancer Loader/Info and edit this part:


    changing the YES to NO, to prevent if from launching on startup (it needs to be done through the terminal window or using an editor like BBEdit that allows you to gain privileges for editing by providing the administrator password).

  6. @gterez: thanks for the tip! This really makes it more useful, since it makes it possible to easily revive it if needed.

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