Supercataloger 128

Now here’s a blast from the past: the article (my first publication!) and code for “Supercataloger 128”, a program I wrote for the Commodore 128 to keep a catalog of the content of your floppy disks, which I submitted to COMPUTE!’s Gazette . They accepted it, but at a whopping 282 lines of code (plus a sorting routine written in assembler), it was too long to print in the magazine, so they included it only in the companion disk for the Sep. 91 issue (which I didn’t get because I wasn’t a subscriber to the disk). I got US$100 for it 🙂

I found the files in this archive of Gazette disks (the program is in file 089SEP91.ZIP), extracted them using the Power64 emulator, and decoded the program listing using David Viner’s Commodore Basic Program Lister. For extracting the text of the article I used the VICE emulator’s feature for emulating a printer using a text file.

And because no program description is complete without screenshots, here they are. Full screen interface, fancy editing capabilities… not too shabby for 282 lines of code!


One response to “Supercataloger 128

  1. Wow! Very proud of you.

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