Google Transit includes Switzerland

Picture 1.pngThis is probably old news, but I just noticed that Google Transit has coverage for Switzerland, and it is now integrated with Google maps. This could be even handier to use than the native interfaces of the local public transport systems. It has both train and bus information, although it doesn’t seem to know about certain bus lines that run only during parts of the day.


3 responses to “Google Transit includes Switzerland

  1. This is actually pretty cool! As I am a Swiss (living in the US) I instantly went and checked out a route I used to take for 4 years. The result was very good but as you pointed out, it does not take into account the very dense bus options. It suggested that I first walk 18 minutes to the next train station and in the end walk again 8 minutes from the train station and calculated the total travel time with 40 minutes which is not bad considering this walking time which in fact was only a 3 minute walk to the bus and mid-way a switch from one bus to another one and at the end another 1 minute walk. The whole trip used to take me maybe 30 minutes (18 minutes with my little scooter if I hit a wave of green lights). Thoroughly enjoyed this link and news.

  2. Hi Marlyse – thanks for the comment! I hope they will include better information in the future, otherwise it’s hard to completely trust the system, and I guess one would always in the end check the SBB or ZVV sites for the definitive information.

  3. Yes, the ZVV site is really nice (I checked it out right after). I wish we would have a better bus system here in the US, but except for the cities you are dependend on cars.

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