My GTD system

Here’s my mapping from David Allen’s GTD workflow to the parts in my system that implement each component. My main electronic tools are Things (, Journler (, and iCal. My main physical tools are my HPDA, my physical tickler file, my A-Z filing cabinets and my “inbox” and “pending” boxes.

(the workflow image is © David Allen & Co.)

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3 responses to “My GTD system

  1. I use Journler also, mostly in support of my writing. I posted about it here:

    with a side note about Mark Twain.

    Hope you stop by


  2. I use Tracks:
    but only have it deployed locally.

  3. Doug: very nice article about Journler. It’s become indispensable for me.

    Morton: I looked at Tracks,it looks very promising, but I never tried it. I don’t quite “click” with web-based applications for critical stuff like my GTD system. Also on a Mac, you can get such nice integration by using native applications! It’s hard to get that kind of integration with web-based apps.

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