Send to Posterous directly from Google Reader

We’re big fans of Google Reader. It’s one of the easiest ways to view everyone’s stuff fast. Yesterday, Google Reader added a new Send To feature that lets you post to your favorite places right from Google Reader while you’re looking at stuff.

By popular demand, now you can use this new Send To feature with Posterous. Go to Settings > Send To in Google Reader and under “Don’t see your favorite site?” click Create Custom Link.

Then copy and paste the values below into the custom link fields:

Icon URL

It should look like this:

Click Save and you’re done.

Now when browsing Google Reader, you’ll see a “Send To” option for Posterous at the bottom of each reader entry like so:

When you click Posterous, you’ll be sent to our “Share on Posterous” page that works like our Bookmarklet. We’ve also revamped the way the bookmarklet handles text posts so if you don’t select any text on a page, we’ll still try to extract the meatiest part of the content of a page.

Of course, you can always still just click “Email” to, and that will still work just great too.

Feel free to email us at if you run into any problems.

Testing 🙂


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