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Long time no see! Short update.

It’s March already and my last post is still “Happy New Year” – unbelievable. I just returned from a very nice, very relaxing month of vacation in Mexico with the family. It was very nice because it made me remember and realize how important family contact is for all of us, who are growing accustomed to being isolated, being so far away most of the time. While we were in Mexico we celebrated Karina’s 3rd birthday (she’s a big girl now!) and we had Fabiola’s baptism, we visited lots of nice places, we ate lots of awesome food, and my machine failed 4 days after we arrived, so I was really disconnected, which was both good and bad.

Anyway, so much for today. I’ll try to write more often during the rest of the year.

Fabiola Aimée

Fabiola at birthFabiola at 2.5 months old Two and a half months ago, on June 26th, 2008, my second daughter, Fabiola Aimée, was born! She was born healthy and weighing 3,160g. I am only now getting to post about her (I tweeted about her birth, although I was so tired I posted the wrong name), but it has been an amazing time since then. If having our first daughter was the best thing that ever happened to me, having a second one has made it even better, and makes our little family feel more complete. She is now a big smiling baby, laughs all the time with her big sister Karina, and keeps both mom and dad busy all day long. It has been great to relive all the moments of holding that tiny little person in your arms, to look at her and how she starts to discover the world. I always thought parents were being corny when they said having kids was the best thing that ever happened to them, but that’s exactly how it feels!